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Frank and Lucie



Where can I find the best store near me to buy a Frank and Lucie?

Frank and Lucie is sold in many kind of stores all over the world. This can be an optic store, but also a fashion store, a bookshop, a beauty centre, a concept store, a cooking shop or a web shop. Are you looking for something near you? Click here to take a look at the store locater!



For who is Frank and Lucie screen made?

A growing number of people use their phone or laptop for many hours during the day. This causes tired, red eyes. Those who look at their screen in bed often, can even suffer from worse sleep. A good blue light filter in the lenses can help prevent or reduce these complaints. That is why Frank and Lucie Screen is a special pair of screen glasses: no strength, but a very comfortable filter. Ideal to put them on whenever and wherever you are behind your screen.

What is Sunday exactly?

Sunday is a cool sunglasses collection that Frank designed for Lucie and his daughter. A small exclusive collection, more trendy and younger. The sunglasses are available in diverse fashionable acetate colors and the sun lenses are all different from tint. The Sunday lenses are of course polarized and 100% UV resistant. They come with a protecting hardcase pouch and an easy soft pouch.

What is the difference between Essentials and Atelier?

The Essentials are basic ready readers for him and her from Frank and Lucie. Beautiful acetate reading glasses with high quality reading lenses and a perfect blue light filter. Available in strength +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3. Atelier is a ladies collection manufactured from even more exclusive acetate sheets and with luxurious details like the color-blocked temple ends. Essentials comes with a soft pouch which you can also use as a rubbing cloth, Atelier comes with a hard case pouch and a rubbing cloth. The Essentials are classics that will stay in the collection for years, Atelier is always exclusively produced in a limited edition.

Which models are for men?

Almost all Frank and Lucie models are unisex. That has been kept in mind to determine the fit. Certain colors might be more masculine than others. Frank thinks that the Eyebrow Greyvanna is the perfect match for him and is the same model in Blue Optimist one of Lucie’s favorite. The Eyespy, a classy look-over, is suitable for men and women, but is mainly chosen by men.

Which models are for women?

Almost all Frank and Lucie models are unisex. That has been kept in mind to determine the fit. Certain colors might be more feminine than others. Lucie likes the Eyequarium Island Fantasy for herself but thinks that the same model in Misty Cognac is more suitable for Frank. But if you are looking for a real lady’s model: the ultra-feminine and petite Eyewonder is perfect! Small and elegant.

Which models are suitable for a bigger face?

The Eyebrow and the Eyequarium are a bit larger in size

Which models are suitable for a small face?

The Eyecube and the Eyewonder are a smaller size.

Which pair fits me the best?

This is of course a matter of taste, but we would love to give you some tips! Cateye and pilot models always show bigger than you think. Sunglasses that are a bit bigger will definitely not hurt, in fact, it is actually a good thing. Bigger glasses will protect your eyes the best against damaging UV beams. Transparent colors will fit anyone, since they are clear they look subtle and frame every face in a good way. You can also check out our try-on function. You can upload your own picture, but you can also try it on the shown male or female head.

Why Frank and Lucie?

Frank and Lucie is a renowned company that sells worldwide. In almost every country, a distributor or a network of agents guarantees a perfect delivery to shops and therefore also to the consumer. Frank and Lucie is not just a licensed brand, and because of that they are in control of everything, from the design to the delivery. Frank originally comes from the optics business and always designed glasses for big brands. Lucie has an eye for quality and color. Together they are unbeatable on the reading glasses market. That is why Frank and Lucie is a worldwide success.



Which glasses do the Frank and Lucie reading glasses contain?

To measure your exact strength for your reading glasses, there are also varioustests available online. For example on mijnleesbril.nl you will find a very good eye measurement test, click here.





Which material are Frank and Lucie readers made from?

Frank and Lucie mainly works with cellulose acetate. It’s a manufactured fiber formed from a cellulose component, obtained from cotton and/or wood pulp. After a treatment with acetic acid and dyes, these fibers are processed into sheets. Cellulose acetate is hypoallergenic, light weighted, very strong and made out of renewable sources. The acetate colors are usually unbelievably beautiful.